Enjoying healthy food and drink, checking your portion sizes and getting active can help you maintain a healthy weight and feel good. Knowing how much food and physical activity you need to stay healthy can help you set up great habits for the future.

Download the 8700 app – helping you make healthier choices

The free 8700 mobile app can help you choose healthier options by making it easier to understand how many kilojoules (energy) are in some common food and drinks and how much physical activity you need.

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App features

Kilojoule Calculator

The Kilojoule Calculator in the app can help you understand your daily kilojoule needs. Remember this is only an estimate based on your activity levels, age, gender, height and weight. It should not be used in place of professional health advice.

Fast Food Search

Large fast food outlets and supermarket brands now display the kilojoule count on menu boards or food packaging, to help you make healthier choices. The Fast Food Search tool in the 8700 app shows you how many kilojoules are in foods from popular food chains often found in food courts. 

Try to limit high-kilojoule foods and only eat them sometimes. It’s also good to think about how fast foods will affect your daily kilojoule intake. 

Tip: check the number of servings in each product to make sure you stick to recommended portions.

Which food chains and outlets?

The app includes information on products from popular chains that sell:

  • fast food
  • pizza
  • coffee
  • ice cream
  • doughnuts
  • baked goods
  • beverages
  • salads.

Find out more about these food outlets and requirements at the NSW Food Authority.

What is a kilojoule?

Kilojoules (kJ) are the Australian measurement of how much energy people get from consuming food or drink. Maintaining a healthy weight means balancing the amount of kilojoules you take in from food and drink, against your body’s daily activity. Some countries use calories to measure the same thing. 

Learn more about kilojoules and find tips to choose healthier options.

Why 8700?

The average Australian adult consumes 8700 kilojoules per day, or approximately 2000 calories. The app can help you stay within your estimated daily energy needs by showing you how many kilojoules are in some common products.

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