Healthy snacks can maintain your energy levels and keep you fuller for longer because they are more nutritious. Try our tips to choose healthier snacks that will keep you going in between meals.

Tips for choosing healthier snacks

  • Choose healthier drinks

    Try drinking your coffee, tea or hot chocolate with light milk ('skinny'), less (or no) sugar and in smaller sizes. Choose options without whipped cream (for example on an iced coffee) and avoid sugar-sweetened drinks like sodas. While coffee and tea can hydrate you, caffeine can also make you dehydrated so be sure to drink plenty of water too.

  • Go for fresh fruit

    Fresh is best when it comes to fruit, although it is ok to have canned or frozen fruit for convenience. Dried fruit is ok in moderation, but it is higher in kilojoules and can get stuck on your teeth and lead to decay.

  • Not all snacks are healthy

    Many popular snacks are misleading because their names suggest they are healthy like banana bread, muesli bars and gluten free chips or crackers. These can have a lot of saturated fat, sugar and salt. Look for options with more fresh ingredients or check the label for the Health Star Rating.

  • Skip the biscuits

    If you have a habit of eating sweet biscuits or cakes with a cup of tea, remember these are not everyday foods and should only be enjoyed in moderation. They are high in fat, sugar and kilojoules, are low in fibre and don't keep you full. Try some chopped up fruit instead with a little peanut butter (no added sugar is best).

  • Pack and go

    Try to take healthy snacks with you, as it can be hard to find healthy options when we’re out and in a rush. Consider snacks low in added sugars such as fresh fruit, nuts and seeds and pack them the night before. Try our menu planner for healthy snack ideas every day of the week.

  • Wait until you're hungry

    Try to eat only when you feel hungry and not out of habit or boredom.