Health Star Ratings are a quick and easy tool to use while shopping to help you choose the healthiest products in Australian supermarkets.

When you’re buying packaged food – like cereal, dairy and canned food – you can use the rating to see which is the healthiest. It compares the nutritional value of many packaged foods. Ratings range from half a star to 5 stars. The more stars, the healthier the choice!.

Health star rating

The Health Star Rating does the hard work of comparing nutrients for you. It is based on a calculation that weighs up healthy nutrients compared to less healthy nutrients in food and drink to give them a rating.

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How to use the Health Star Rating

  • Look for Health Star Rating labels on the front of packaged food and drink when you go shopping.
  • Compare similar types of foods (for example, compare one cereal with another cereal, but don’t compare cereal with yoghurt) and pick the product with the highest rating. Remember, the more stars, the healthier the choice.
  • Try and choose products that have at least 3.5 stars. For inspiration, try one of our healthy meal recipes.
  • Aim to stock up on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Health Star Rating is only used on packaged products, so remember to also fill your shopping trolley with plenty of foods from the five food groups.
  • Learn more about how to understand food labels and menus.

What about products without a Health Star Rating?

For products without a rating, use the Food Switch app.