Staying physically active is key to remaining independent and protecting your health as you get older. 

Age is no barrier. Taking small steps to be more active will improve your body and mind, reduce the impact of chronic disease and lower your risk of falls.

Programs to help you stay active

Active & Healthy is an online directory that can help you find exercise programs in your local area, give you ideas for exercises you can do at home and help you set goals for yourself.

Find out more about what these programs can do for you.

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How much exercise do I need?

As you get older, there are four types of activity needed to keep you healthy.

Moderate activities for your heart, lungs and blood vessels

These are activities that take a bit of effort, but you can still have a conversation while doing them – like brisk walking, dancing or work in the garden. You should aim to do 20 minute a day of this kind of activity. See our 5-minute tips for being more active today.

Strength activities to help maintain bone strength

This can include climbing the stairs or weight and resistance training. Doing these activities two or three times a week will make a big difference to your ongoing health.

Flexibility activities to help you move more easily

This can include bowls, stretching activities or tai chi.

Balancing activities to improve your balance and help prevent falls

This includes side leg raises, half squats and heel raises.