We spend a lot more time being inactive during the day than we used to – working at a desk, staring at a screen or driving in a car. Small changes can build more activity into your day and improve your health.

How much screen time is too much?

The more time you spend away from the screen being active, the better. Long periods of sitting down can have a big impact on your health and is even associated with increased risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes.

Remember, adults need at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on 5 days of the week or 75 minutes a week of vigorous activity to take care of your health. Find out more about the basics of getting active

Children need different amounts of physical activity and different limits on their screen time. Learn more about healthy screen use for children.

How do I balance out my screen time?

Try adding these small changes to your day to start balancing out your screen time.

  • Add some movement

    Try jogging on the spot, doing star jumps or lifting weights while you watch TV. Check out our easy exercises.

  • Get active while you listen

    If you need some motivation to add more movement into your day, pop on a podcast while you go for a quick walk or listen to the radio while you do the gardening or cleaning.

  • Trade in an hour of screen time this week

    Plan something you’ve been wanting to do when you'd normally be on your phone or watching a show – like going for a walk with a friend, taking the kids to the park or learning a new healthy recipe.

  • Add movement to your work day

    If you're able to, take the stairs rather than the lift or get off the bus/train a stop early and walk the rest of the way to work. Take a look at other quick tips for busy people.

  • Sit less, move more

    Break up long periods of sitting by going to refill your water bottle, going for a five-minute walk or standing up for a stretch.

Struggling with motivation?

Did you know you can get free information and coaching over the phone to help you get active and set goals? Find out about this and other free programs that can help you make small changes today.

Page updated : 22 November 2022.