Staying healthy

Eating healthy, fresh food and being active is key to living a longer, healthier life.

By taking small steps to improve your eating and activity habits, you can reduce your risk of chronic disease and stay healthier for longer.

John’s story

John wasn’t doing so well after lots of sorry business then he started running.

For John, running wasn’t just about being fit and healthy but also healing. He has inspired other people in his community to be healthier.

We know we are stronger together.


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Being active and eating healthy food makes you and the family healthier and happier.

So, you know you need to get healthier, but it can be hard knowing where to start, hey?

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Knowing what’s healthy

What we put into our bodies and what we feed our family impacts our health and theirs.

Cooking at home is a good way of getting the family together and keeping them healthy.

Not sure how much you should be eating of some foods? Check out the healthy eating guide for Aboriginal people.

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Healthy Recipes

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Want to help the kids and grannies grow up deadly? Check out these deadly lunchbox ideas from the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation.

Looking for healthy meals for the entire family? We have you covered.

Find quick and healthy recipes

Getting the family active

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You know your kids or grannies are going to want to kick a ball with you.

Being healthier helps you do that. If you stay healthy it also helps your family and community stay healthy.

We even have tips for getting the family active.

Melanie’s story

"I chose to do the NSW Knockout Health Challenge to prevent chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are in my family; I lost my father to heart disease. After losing him at a young age, I want to prevent that from happening to me."

Melanie Williams, 2017 Nowra Dead or Deadly Team

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Get active for the mob – free programs

Want to make the family and community proud? Exercise can be easier when you do it with the mob.

There are specific Aboriginal programs for you and the kids. Some of the programs you do with communities and others you can do by yourself.

Why don’t you check out our free programs today?

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Healthy mind, healthy body

We know that the health of mind can have an impact on the health of our body. This is why it is important not just to consider keeping our bodies healthy but also taking care of our mental health.

There are lots of ways you can stay mentally healthy; such as exercising or talking to friends and family. Sometimes, though, we need a little extra help. If you need to yarn with someone, there are plenty of options.

You can either go see your GP or an ACCHO. Alternatively, you can chat with someone online or over the phone.

Lifeline Australia
Phone 13 11 14 or Crisis Support Chat

Kids Helpline
Phone 1800 551 800 or WebChat counselling

Mens Line Australia
Phone 1300 789 978 or online chat and video counselling

Suicide Call Back Service
Phone 1300 659 467 or online counselling

Qlife – LGBTI peer support and referral
Phone 1800 184 527 or webchat 3pm to midnight daily

Thirrili - National Indigenous Critical Response Service
Phone 1800 805 801

Swap screen time for family time

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There is nothing wrong with watching a little telly but it’s also good to get outside and move. 

Moving is good for the mind and body, so think about swapping screen time with family time. Maybe head out side in the yard, the beach, a park or go for a walk on country. 

Playing with the kids is as good for you as it is them. Learn more about how much time on screens is healthy.