Go4Fun is a free 10 week program for New South Wales kids aged 7–13 that focuses on improving their eating habits, fitness and confidence.

It's a great way for kids to get fit, feel more confident and boost their self-esteem by playing fun, active games. Go4Fun programs are led by trained health professionals and take place after school, during school terms.

Program highlights include:

  • weekly games and activities for children
  • fun, interactive discussions to teach easy and effective ways to improve children’s nutrition, physical activity and self-esteem
  • practical demonstrations, games and tips about healthy foods, label reading and portion size.

Go4Fun online

If your kids aren’t able to attend the local Go4Fun program, there is an online version of the program.

Go4Fun Online provides information and support to develop healthy habits and is specifically for families in NSW who are unable to attend the face-to-face version of the program.
It includes:

  • 10 weekly online sessions about healthy eating and physical activity for children.
  • Weekly phone, email and SMS support.
  • Regular mailouts including recipes.
  • Rewards and freebies.
  • An online community of families.
  • Tools to track you progress.
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Active Kids vouchers

Did you know that the NSW Government will give you a $100 voucher towards enrolling your kids in a sport or activity program?

The voucher can be used for registration or membership fees for structured activities of no less than eight weeks’ duration that provide a moderate to vigorous level of physical activity, for example:

  • sporting pursuits
  • swimming lessons
  • structured fitness program
  • outdoor education programs
  • approved active recreation (such as dance)
  • equipment ordinarily provided by the provider on registration for competition.
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